Nihar Gala: What Services Does A Primary Care Physician Offer To Adults?

A primary care physician will evaluate and treat your illness, look at your medical history, do physical exams, and recommend treatment and follow-up tests, if necessary.

If a problem is detected during an exam or visit to the office, the primary care physician should be able to prescribe medications or order tests. Nihar Gala will state here the services commonly offered by these physicians to adults.

The Primary Care Physician Will Evaluate And Treat Your Illness

First of all, a primary care doctor will ask about your symptoms, such as how long you’ve had them when they started, and what makes them better or worse. The physician will also want to know if any other family members have similar symptoms. This information helps the doctor make a diagnosis by ruling out possible causes for the illness.

Your Primary Care Physician Will Look At Your Medical History And Do A Physical Exam

Your primary care doctor will ask about any previous illnesses or injuries you’ve had, as well as any family history of disease that might influence how quickly or severely an illness affects you. This information helps him decide if any factors in his life could make it harder for him to treat whatever condition he’s dealing with now.

Other than that, this doctor will also conduct a physical exam, Nihar Gala which includes checking vital signs, such as pulse rate/blood pressure, listening through a stethoscope for abnormal heart sounds, and feeling the abdomen for tenderness caused by inflammation, among others.

Your Physician May Later Recommend Treatment And Follow-Up Tests

If a certain health problem is detected, your primary care physician will recommend treatment and follow-up tests, if necessary. Your doctor may recommend specific lifestyle changes that can help prevent future problems. For example, if you are overweight or smoke cigarettes, then he or she may suggest that you start an exercise program and quit smoking.